Why Is There A Mirror In Elevators?

December 6, 2018


Why Is There A Mirror In Elevators?

Why do we have mirrors in elevators that we all use almost every day? Even though the elevator is accompanied by its speed, size and other features, which are now rapidly spread, the feature that gathers them all under a single roof is the same.

It happens when we don’t see our reflection. Is that what the elevator mirrors are for, so we can take care of ourselves?Two important factors play a role in the mirror in elevators; the first is security, the second is health.


Mirrors are used to check if the cabin is available when you call the elevator. If the cabin did not come as a result of a sudden immersion, opening the elevator door and taking steps may face an event that you do not expect, mirrors can prevent this situation is a factor. In short, if you’re seeing your own image, the elevator has come with the cabin.

Inside The Elevator
Inside The Elevator


Due to the differences in the size of the elevators, it was wanted to be prevented. That’s why mirrors are our supporters. It’s usually made for people with claustrophobia. Claustrophobia is a fear of being confined. Therefore, mirrors in the elevator show the elevator interior twice as wide by reflection.

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