Why Do We Hear Our Own Voice Differently?

December 6, 2018


Why Do We Hear Our Own Voice Differently?

When you send an audio recording to someone or hear your own voice in a video, your voice sounds different to you. Have you ever wondered why? Or have you ever wondered if anyone else was going on with me ?

First of all, our voice is the difference of perception that we live with the sound we speak normally and hear from the speaker. When we speak, we perceive both the vibrations of our voice from the ear and the vibrations transmitted from the jaw and the bones of the mouth. Therefore, our sound recording is very different to us because it is just a vibration coming from the outside, so we do not hear the vibration transmitted from our jaw bones.

It’s like an inner voice. If you only want to listen to your inner voice, you can reach the mystery of your inner voice by closing your ears thoroughly and then talking. This is physically listening. There is also a psychological dimension of this one to mention in a different article.

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