Short-term sleep method from Einstein and Dali

December 6, 2018


Short-term sleep method from Einstein and Dali

Einstein and Dali, one of the scientists known to the whole world, and the other a painter with world-famous works… these two witches had an interesting sleep pattern. This is also called short-term sleep microsleep.

First let’s take a look at who Einstein and Dali are.

Albert Einstein is a German scientist of Jewish descent. With his studies in physics, he greatly influenced modern science. He was particularly well known for his relativity theory for time and space. One of the dozens of important words Einstein said was, ”I discovered the atom for a good thing, and people are killing each other with the atom.” It has been remembered as one of the greatest scientists in the world for centuries with the gifts of humanity in the forehead of science.



Salvador Dali is a Catalan painter who is famous for his surreal works. If you ask what Catalan is, it is an autonomous region to the east of Spain. Salvador Dali, one of the most famous works of memory, completed his work in 1931.  In addition to painting, Dali was interested in photography, sculpture and filmmaking.


Salvador Dali

They both went to short-term sleep, known as micro-nap. This is how micro sleep works. They sit in a chair and take a heavy keychain-style object in their hands. He wanted to make a sound by putting something like a plate on the floor under his hand. When they were in their key hands, they fell asleep, and when they went into deep sleep, the keychain in their hand fell into the plate on the floor and woke up because of the sound that was coming out. This is called micro sleep.

As for why they do such a thing in good beauty, it’s an experience that we can describe as the state between being awake and asleep, called Hypnagogia. We can also explain how a person can experience persistent dreams when he or she is sleeping or waking up.

Some artists, engineers, and people in the profession who need to be creative have tried to take advantage of hypnagogia, where they can produce new ideas. Dali and Einstein are the ones who have managed to use this method in the best way for themselves with a micro sleep they have created.


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