How Deep Is The Diamond?

December 5, 2018


How Deep Is The Diamond?

The diamond, known as the world’s toughest material, is found under the surface of the Earth’s face, how many pounds ? The diamond is formed in the mantle layer of Earth, about 160-170 kilometers below the earth. The temperature of the place where the diamond was formed could even exceed 1000 celcius Approximately 49 per square inch of pressure can reach high values such as ATM. In Diamond, the hardest material on Earth, the carbon atoms are connected to each other in a smooth four-way, covalent bond.

The diamond is made of coal! (the information is incorrect)

This ‘diamond made of coal‘ used among the public is not true. The diamonds are known to have formed about 990 million years ago. This is about 500 million years ago when plant formation began on land. It is clear that diamonds are not made of coal when the source of coal is considered to be plants.

Other than that, coal is not encountered after 3,5-4 kilometers depth of the earth. So that means that there is no coal in the region where diamonds are formed. The diamonds reach the Earth from where they were formed as a result of volcanic eruptions.


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