Do fish drink water ?

December 6, 2018


Do fish drink water ?

Does fish who spend their lives in the water, breathing with the help of gills drink water ? Water, which is a necessary source for every living thing, is essential in fish. I mean, he drinks water in the fish.

Fish are invertebrates that breathe with their gills and reproduce with eggs. They are divided into fish living in fresh waters and those living in salty waters. Salt density in salt water is higher than in fish body. So there’s a water outlet from the fish’s body. Fish living in saltwater must drink continuously to compensate for this event.

In the case of freshwater fish, this is the opposite of the fish that live in salty water. The salt concentration of freshwater fish in their bodies is more than the density of the water outside the fish body is water migration from the outside. In fish, they constantly try to throw this water out of the body. The scales on the fish are used to prevent water from entering the body through the skin. Fresh water fish are more excreted than salty water fish.

Fish Species – Betta Fish
Fish Species – Betta Fish

Fish adapt to the water they live in. For example, the water density of sharks in their bodies is close to sea water. When this happens, the water in the body does not have to be wasted too much energy when it is ejected.

This is called adaptation.

adaptation: Adaptation or adaptation in natural selection has been successful, evolutionarily speaking, is a feature that makes the organism more compatible with him.

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